Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A JavaScript client for

Following the recent exodus from a hostile LiveJournal, I've noticed that I'm unable to perform 2 things from the command line in the good old DreamWidth:

  • Posting in markdown
  • Uploading the image

Turns out, DW still uses a subset of ancient LJ-like xmlrpc APIs. Instead of reusing some of the available LJ clients, I've decided to hack my own.

The API has a weird auth scheme. The 1st step is to obtain a "challenge", then md5 it w/ a password (yes, you've read it correctly: it's md5, folks! Sonja Henie's tutu.) & send it over w/ all the subsequent requests. The weird part comes when you realise that such a token lives only 60 sec & for a long-lived session you need to obtain another generated token that doesn't actually work w/ the xmlrpc API & useful only for manual scraping/posting purposes.

The CLI client hides everything under 1 user-visible command dreamwidth-js. To upload an image to the DW cloud, type:

  $ dreamwidth-js img-upload < cat.jpg  

To make a new post:

$ dreamwidth-js entry-post-md
subject: On today's proceedings
tags: meeting, an exciting waste of time
security: friends

## Agenda for Mon. budget meeting

It was a dark and stormy night; the rain fell in torrents

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