Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sexp navigation in `js-mode`

The sexp navigation in js-mode that comes w/ Emacs 25.1.1 is broken, so there is a quite popular smartparens minor mode. All I need from it is (sp-up-sexp) w/ which it's possible to write "move me to the beginning of the current expression", like

(define-key js-mode-map [(meta up)] (lambda () (interactive) (sp-up-sexp -1)))

or even

(defun my-js-expr-start ()
  "Requires smartparens."
    (while (sp-up-sexp -1)))

You don't have to turn smartparens-mode on to use that.

Being curious of the internals of smartparens, I was "severely shocked" at its size. The main part the mode 327KB or, according to Github, 7133 SCLO.

7133 lines for a facility of auto-closing quotes, parens & whatnot!

This world is doomed for it'll collapse of its own bloat.

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