Sunday, June 26, 2016


npm eats inodes for breakfast. A brand-new Angular2 project downloads > 40K files in node_modules just to get started (this includes babel).

Nobody counts inodes unless for some reason they use a previous generation filesystem (ext4) where inodes may suddenly become a scarce resource. The symptoms are rather common: there is a plenty of free space but you cannot create a new file.

So I decided to outwit myself via dump(8)ing /home to a network drive, reformating /home using a smaller inode_ratio value to make sure inodes would be abundant, then restore(8)ing from the dump file.

It went fine, except for 1 strange thing. The 1st time I launched Chromium it complained that “Your preference file is corrupted or invalid”. Was it because I was dumping a live fs? It seems that everything else has been restored correctly.

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