Thursday, July 16, 2015

iojs API docs in Texinfo format

For those who like to read docs in Emacs & not in a browser I wrote a simple converter from iojs .md files to the Texinfo format. As a byproduct of this, it's now possible to auto check broken cross-references in the iojs docs.

Why read docs in Emacs? We automatically get

  • Searching
  • Index

(None of which are available in the current md->html iojs tooling.)

To play w/ the index, go to the iojs node & press i. Using the index is unbelievably handy after you get used to it.

If you think that Texinfo is a complex, outdated & obscure thing, I have a quote for you from Eli Zaretskii:

What is it with you young people that you are so afraid of "barriers"? Did someone sell you a fairy tail that there are no barriers in life, except in Emacs and Texinfo? If you cannot negotiate these ridiculously low "barriers", how will you ever succeed in your life out there?

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