Monday, June 18, 2012

On-the-fly Generator of Preferences Pages for Opera Extensions

If you've ever tried to write an Opera extension, then you probably have stumbled upon a process of handling preferences for your extensions.

When a user clinks 'Preferences' in an extension menu button, Opera reads options.html file from the installed extension. What goes to that options.html is up to the developer. Nothing prevents him to display a lolcat video instead of html forms.

The process of writing options.html if everything except creative--it's the same boring crap over & over again for every new extension. I don't get why you even have to do this--Opera could have an API to help automatically generate preferences pages like it have it internally for the browser (opera:config). But there isn't API for this & nobody pushes for it.

So image you're writing in a declarative way what preferences your extension needs & the browser is drawing GUI elements according to your specification. Not code, just a declaration.

If you agree to this approach & don't want to waste your time on a dumb & repetitive staff, see weakspec on-the fly generator. You'll probably like it.

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