Friday, April 13, 2012

Custom RDoc's Darkfish Templates

RDoc 3.12 allows us to specify a template for a formatter. Formatter can be 'ri' or such that emits html. The later is called 'darkfish' in RDoc.

The problem with darkfish is that albeit it contains a quite nice navigation, it hurts my eyes:

Dark grey on light grey! Very artistic choice, of course. I believe it's very possible to invent even worse combination, like red on green, but I still don't get how anybody can like the absence of a contrast.

Anyway, here is a solution: another template for darkfish. (Not another formatter.)

RDoc allows that if you install another template as a gem, because it looks for templates only in rdoc/generator/template directory in Ruby's $LOAD_PATH.

What if you want to generate alternate looking html from a particular Rakefile without messing up with system gems?

  1. Copy the original template to some editable place, for example:

    % cp /usr/[...]/1.9/gems/rdoc-3.12/lib/rdoc/generator/template/darkfish \

    'lightfish' is out new template in this example.

  2. Edit lightfish/rdoc.css to remove ugly colors, fonts, etc.

  3. Add a small monkey patch to your project's Rakefile:

    class RDoc::Options
      def template_dir_for template
        '/home/alex/Desktop/' + template
    end'html') do |i|
      i.template = 'lightfish'
      i.main = 'README.rdoc'
      i.rdoc_files = FileList['doc/*', 'lib/**/*.rb', '*.rb']

    template_dir_for() function is a key to succsess.

  4. Run rake html. RDoc must not complain about 'could not find template lightfish'.

But there is even simpler method with $LOAD_PATH. Make rdoc/generator/template directory somewhere, for example in the project's root directory. Move in it a modified template from steps 1-2 above and just run (assuming rake's target for generating documentation is still called 'html'):

% rake -I . html

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