Saturday, December 12, 2015


While upgrading to Fedora 23, I've discovered New Horizons of Awesomeness in gtk3. (I think it should be the official slogan for all the new gtk apps in general.)

If you don't use a compositor & select ubuntu-style theme:

  $ grep theme-name ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini
  gtk-theme-name = Ambiance  

modern apps start looking very indie in fvwm:

Granted, it's not 1997 anymore, we all have big displays w/ a lot of lilliputian pixels, but such a waste of a screen estate seems a little unnecessary to me.

Turns out it's an old problem that has no solution, except for the "use Gnome" handy advice. There is a hack but I don't think I'm in a such a desparate position to employ it. A quote from the README:

  I use $LD_PRELOAD to override several gdk and glib/gobject APIs to
  intercept related calls gtk+ 3 uses to setup CSD.  

I have no words. All we can do to disable the gtk3 decoration is to preload a custom library that mocks some rather useful part of gtk3 api. All praise Gnome!

In seeking of a theme that has contrast (e.g. !gray text on gray backgrounds) I've found that (a) an old default theme looks worse than Motif apps from 1990s:

  $ GTK_THEME=Raleigh gtk3-demo

Which is a pity because gtk2 Raleigh theme was much prettier:

& (b) my favourite GtkPaned widget renders equaly horrific everywhere. Even a highly voted Clearlooks-Phenix theme manages to make it practically imperceptible by the eye:

A moral of the story: don't write desktop apps (but all kids know this already), ditch gtk apps you run today for they all will become unusable tomorrow (but what do I know? I still use xv as a photo viewer).


  1. What's that FVWM setup? it looks nice.

  2. Сам пошел нахуй, мудила опиздохуевший. Санкции наложил, да, как мудаки омериканские? Злобный ты распиздяй.

  3. Сам нахуй пошёл, мудак.

    Хохол, блядь, хитрожопый нашёлся.