Wednesday, January 12, 2011

An advice

From Stroustrup's recent interview:

Danny Kalev: Finally, what are your New Years' resolutions?

Bjarne Stroustrup:

  • To get C++0x formally approved as an ISO standard.
  • To produce a good first draft of The C++ Programming Language (4th Edition).
  • To spend more time with my grandchildren.
  • To have at least one interesting new technical insight.

Dude, I have an insight for you:

Throw away your 28 years old crap into a wheelie bin & start using the sane, modern language: Go.

Such a brave but long-awaited move will:

  • liberate you from producing an invaluable 20,000 pages book;
  • automagically give an ability to spend more time with grandchildren.

With hope